America’s Chess

I began to define NME as a small business but realized that we are even smaller. NME is run entirely by volunteers; many are school-aged children.

Some of these children are in college, while others just began the 7th grade. Two freshmen are currently designing a downloadable NME game for a high school project that will teach players the Moves and Rules of Engagement.

NME Club meets Fridays after school for elementary aged children. I have been told that many of these children skip recess to play, watch, teach and learn NME. This year I have several new club members that already know the game-I didn’t have to teach them the basics: )

One recent meeting I pulled my stronger players aside to discuss the invisible playing-field.

“Do you know,” I said. “This guy named Trump?”

Every child raised their hand. A few went further, “he’s the president,” they said.

“And,” I went on. “He’s the greatest NME player in the world.”

The children read me for signals. I did not give any. I wanted them to make up their own damn minds.

“Yes.” I reaffirmed Trump’s NME status. “He keeps the politicians, and us, divided,” I said looking them over. “If he…” I began…

“Can keep them divided,” a child finishes my sentence.

“He’ll win the game,” several others exclaim–not at the exact same moment, but close enough to have realized the truth of it for themselves.

And that is what we are up against. Divisiveness has its uses, but like Sauron’s ring, it comes with Great-cost.

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